The Future of American Buddhism

Andrew Holecek is well known for his books and teachings on Dream Yoga.

Every country has their own style of practice. They all follow the main teachings pretty much to the letter, and it has been integrated into the customs and culture of each country.

Andrew has us look at how Buddhism has changed our lives and how we integrate our practice into our everyday actions. I think this will be how American Buddhism will manifest in American.

Journaling: Bringing Meditation To Life

Journaling is an easy way to be responsible for your actions on a day by day basis, and no one does this better than the Stoics. Marcus Aurelius, a well known Emperor of Rome is well known for using journaling for being accountable for his time and improving his interactions with others.

Obsticles are always a favorite topic and my favorites come from an old Taoist saying:

Direct your thoughts because they will turn into speech.
Speech will turn into actions.
Actions will turn into habits.
And Habits will turn into character.

Morning journaling can set your mind to focus on how you will approach the day.

Evening journaling has you be accountable for today’s action and lets you think on how to improve those actions.

The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living ~ Socrates

As you journal like a Stoic each day will become an important way to wake up to how we see and interact with the world around us.

Beginner Meditation Books
Techniques & Tips

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Stoic Philosophy & Meditations

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366 Stoic Meditations

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Qigong and Yoga Techniques for Mindfulness

These Ancient Yoga and Qigong breathing practices are designed to help heal the body and mind.

3 Simple Qi Gong Exercises

Lee Holden shows 3 easy exercises to energize, clear stress, and create flow to start the morning, break up the day, or relax into the evening.

Yantra Yoga Breathing Yoga

Yantra Yoga is one of the earliest practices of yoga poses that incorporates a unique system of movements and breathing. Learn how the practice of these breathing exercises that ties body and mind together with this Tibetan yoga practice.

Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga

Farrah Garan gives an excellent explanation of this practice and I think a strong foundation for practicing yoga.